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Fairfax Family Law Attorney

If your family is facing a divorce situation, you understand how complicated things can become. But it does not have to be that way. With the assistance of knowledgeable legal counsel, you can manage your divorce process effectively. The lawyers at Solan | Alzamora understand what you are going through. We regularly provide successful legal guidance to clients in your exact situation.

Loudoun County Child Custody and Support Lawyer

Many people dealing with a divorce attempt to go it on their own. The problem with this approach only becomes apparent when an unexpected disagreement arises, or the former spouses realize that even the most straightforward of divorces require knowledge of a surprisingly complex set of technical rules that are difficult to even find, let alone to read.

Our firm will provide you with the comprehensive legal guidance your case requires. Our approach to family law cases encompasses all of the following:

At Solan | Alzamora, we understand that law is often just as much art as science. We understand that the only way to know which approach is best for your case is to get to know you. We want to know you, your legal problems and your legal goals. Together, we can set about crafting strategies designed to achieve those goals and get your life moving on.

Our clients do not want unnecessary complications. They want their cases resolved. We know how to help you do that. Whether your case can be resolved through negotiation, or if your case requires the intervention of the court, we can provide you with legal advice you can use to make an informed decision as to how you would like to conduct your case.

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For a completely confidential and free initial consultation with a Virginia lawyer from our firm, please call us at 703-544-7245. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with one of our firm's attorneys by contacting us online.

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