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Few experiences in life are more traumatic than the end of a marriage. Many divorce situations are unmanageable without recourse to some sort of third-party intermediary. The attorneys at Solan | Alzamora are here to help their clients with these situations. Our firm helps people manage the divorce process on a daily basis. Relying on our firm's relationship-based approach to the law, we work with our clients to bring order to their lives.

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A relationship-based approach means that our attorneys focus on the client's needs first when considering any course of action in a case. To that end, we are a results-oriented firm. Any action taken in your case is taken with the purpose of achieving your legal goals. Out firm does not engage in legal work for the sake of legal work itself.

Instead, we serve our clients as a versatile legal resource. When our clients need a more conciliatory approach, we understand how to tread lightly while still achieving our clients' goals. And, given a situation in which a conciliatory approach is not appropriate, we provide our clients with the level of aggressiveness necessary to move their cases forward successfully.

Our clients find this versatility particularly useful for divorces in which spouses enter into a legal separation but, due do the economic circumstances of the times, continue to live together during and after the divorce. Such living arrangements call for a style of lawyering attuned to the nuances of the unique practical day-to-day challenges facing these clients. Solan | Alzamora provides divorcing couples in this situation with legal strategies appropriate to their specific circumstances.

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For a discreet and confidential discussion concerning your divorce questions, please call our Virginia law firm at 703-544-7245. You can also schedule a free consultation with a lawyer from our firm by contacting us online.

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