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Fairfax Property Division Lawyer

The emotional aspects of divorce are enough in and of themselves to entirely occupy a person's life. Add to those emotional burdens the additional weight of decisions concerning the division of property, and most clients find themselves overwhelmed. But it does not have to be this way. All of our attorneys at Solan | Alzamora are experienced family law lawyers who understand how to advise clients with respect to divorce issues, property division in particular. We can help you manage your property division process to ensure fair treatment and the timely resolution of the dispute while also remaining sensitive to the tensions that such issues inevitably involve.

Prince William County Asset Distribution Attorney

The vast majority of divorces result in property that is equally divided between the two spouses. Variations do exist, but they mostly apply only in relatively rare circumstances and, even then, any deviation from 50/50 normally does not exceed a very small deviation.

All of our firm's attorneys place a premium on crafting novel solutions to our clients' property division controversies. These controversies many times include high-asset divorce cases in which a married couple may have extensive holdings in retirement assets, real estate, businesses, and other complex assets and investments. As with all of our cases, our firm's attorneys partner with our clients and with other professionals necessary for the effective advancement of the case. In evaluating assets in a divorce, for instance, we regularly work with third-party evaluations experts who understand how to value difficult assets such as family businesses and other investment holdings.

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To discuss your marital property division concerns with one of our Virginia lawyers, please call us at 703-544-7245. You can also schedule a confidential initial consultation with one of our firm's attorneys by contacting us online.

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