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Fairfax Attorney for Division of Retirement Accounts

A divorce will always generate questions and considerations regarding fairness, particularly with respect to the division of any property. Rarely considered until during the divorce, the division of retirement assets such as a pension division can sometimes provoke particularly heated disagreements concerning fairness and justice. The attorneys at Solan | Alzamora understand these issues. We understand that often the controversy is about personal issues as well as legal issues. In providing our legal advice, we make sure that we know our clients' needs and their legal goals, taking into account their specific personal situation and tailoring our advice to their individual circumstances.

Prince William County Lawyer Handling QDROs

Commonly disputed retirement accounts include pensions, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and military retirement accounts. We work closely with our clients to gather the information needed to determine what portion of any retirement account can be attributed to a particular spouse. Our firm regularly crafts suitable financial numbers that our clients can agree to with their former spouses. Where cooperation with former spouses is not possible, we also work with our clients to convince the court to use our clients' figures. The court will use these figures when entering the order directing the retirement plan administrator to pay portion of the retirement fund to the former spouse directly. These orders are usually called QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders).

Our attorneys make the drafting of QDROs a particular focus of their divorce practices. We take great pride in helping our clients with QDROs ourselves. A QDRO involves a complicated body of law that our attorneys understand and deal with on a regular basis as part of their practices. These QDROs take a level of time and effort that particularly benefits from good lawyering.

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To receive a comprehensive and confidential evaluation of your retirement accounts from an experienced divorce attorney, call the Virginia law firm of Solan | Alzamora at 703-544-7245. You can also schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer from our firm by contacting us online.

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