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Fairfax Separation Agreement Lawyer

Drafting an effective separation agreement is often a proactive approach to the dissolution of a marriage. Such an agreement can prevent a divorce from becoming a messy process. When a divorce has already become difficult, though, a separation agreement can still be drafted to bring order to an otherwise chaotic situation. The attorneys at Solan | Alzamora focus their practices on divorce law and its related issues. We understand the benefits of an effective separation agreement and know how to draft such an agreement so that it is tailored to your specific needs and legal goals.

Loudoun County Attorney for Marital Settlement Agreements

Commonly known as a PSA, a property settlement agreement is a form of marital settlement agreement that resolves any number of issues in ways that the court would not have been able to resolve on its own initiative. A successful PSA, for instance, often includes creative solutions regarding custody and child support.

A successful PSA saves the family any stress that could arise from a trial. And, in doing so, the PSA allows a family to "paint its own future." Our lawyers take great pride in their ability to provide their clients with custom-tailored PSAs. A PSA allows the firm's clients the room for creativity and flexibility in dissolving the marriage, creativity and flexibility that is not available when a case goes to trial.

A PSA is essentially a contract between two people and, while you cannot usually waive child support, the PSA allows clients the luxury of contracting around almost any disagreement. Cases that would have gone to trial can often be settled with a PSA, saving the family much unnecessary heartache and grief. Some features included in a PSA might create a requirement that life insurance be maintained by one of the former spouses or allocate ownership of marital debt between the parties.

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