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Fairfax Spousal Support Lawyer

Whatever side of a spousal support issue you may find yourself on, the attorneys at Solan | Alzamora understand how to advise you. They focus their practice primarily on family law with a particular emphasis on divorce issues. All of the firm's attorneys counsel clients with respect to family law matters. Together, they have built a law firm dedicated to providing legal services that are tailored to the specific situation of each client. To do that, they get to know their clients on an individual basis and build relationships with their clients based on openness and frank advice.

Loudoun County Spousal Maintenance Attorney

Solan | Alzamora attorneys provide their clients with comprehensive legal advice concerning divorce issues. Their experience with divorce matters routinely involves them in actively resolving tense spousal support disputes. Because spousal support is not determined with the mathematical exactness that governs child support, a lawyer's experience especially comes into play in deciding spousal support. The judge has wide latitude in deciding the amount of support to award to a spouse, and it will be up to your attorney to convince the judge.

The attorneys at Solan | Alzamora will work with you to correctly determine the correct amount of spousal support. We operate collaboratively with other professionals and invite outside consultants to participate who can help our case. Vocational experts, for instance, may help us establish the employability of a spouse and how much money that spouse should be earning, if any. You can rely confidently on our experience in this area to properly guide you through any spousal support controversy.

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For a completely confidential initial discussion with the lawyers at Solan | Alzamora, call us at 703-544-7245. You can also schedule your appointment with our Virginia law firm by contacting us online.

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